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Costume Jewelry Designs

Costume Jewelry Designs

Unlike jewelry made with precious metals and fine gemstones, costume jewelry pieces are made from materials that are relatively inexpensive. Plated metals, semi-precious stones, and beads of all kinds are often used to create artistic and designer fashion pieces. This doesn’t equate them to being cheap as they can demand a handsome price in many instances (think Swarovski rings and jewelry), and despite their less costly makeup they are highly sought after in the world of designer fashion.

Let's take a look at a few different costume jewelry design categories:

Pearl Costume Jewelry

Pearls are often utilized in making costume jewelry. The timeless and classic look of pearls can add a touch of class to one’s overall appearance.

Antique Costume Jewelry

Antique costume jewelry can come in a variety of designs and sizes. As the name suggests, their fabrication is usually inspired by items that were used in past fashion eras. Think Art-deco, or Victorian for instance. 

Gold Plated Jewelry

Not everyone can easily afford the luxury of real gold, especially when one considers the rate at which the price of gold is skyrocketing. However, gold plated costume  jewelry makes it possible to add a golden frill to any look at an affordable price point.

Floral Costume Jewelry

Floral costume jewelry pieces are another option that would perfectly complement your outfit on any occasion. This is a beautiful and feminine option for any lady.    


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