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Making Jewelry Fanciful With Feathers

Ways abound through which fashionable items can be made more appealing simply by embellishing them with other kinds of accessories that will make an individual to make a distinct fashion statement or bring out the beauty [of the items] in a more profound manner. A very common example are jewelry pieces that are often decorated with feathers in order to effect a colourful pattern or define a boho style. Jewelry designers are now flowing along the trend of using feathers to adorn necklaces, bracelets, earrings and some other types of jewelry in a stylish and stunning fashion.

Ways of designing jewelry with feathers

There are several ways through which feathers can be used to emblazon jewelry but we shall be sharing only a few- three (3) to be precise:

  1. One can use gold-filled wire to simply wrap feathers quills in order to make the jewelry look more classy. It is recommended that one uses ultra-soft wire for this purpose. Again, other jewelry piece [aside gold] can be used.
  2. Cord coils can also be used for attaching feathers to necklaces. All one has to do is to carefully squeeze the coil to the feather end orn simply glue the feather end to the coil.
  3. Again, one can insert the feather end into a crimp tube, and a pair of crimp pliers is then used to pinch down the feathers. Thereafter, a loop can be employed to attach the feathers [already worked on] onto a jewelry- for example, a necklace or earring.
For jewelry set with kunzite, a pale pink gemstone, limit its exposure to sunlight, which can fade it over time. Opals and Turquoise are porous, so never use cleaners on them as that can lead to discoloration. And the last/first rule applies doubly for these stones as they can be severely affected by oils, lotions, perspiration, etc.

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