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Tips on How You Can Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling

The fact that costume jewelry can become a shadow of itself [if not well maintained] is as real as the thrill that ensues with the prospect of wearing the jewelry when newly acquired. Hence, in order to maintain the sparkles on your prized asset, it is imperative that you carry out regular cleaning from time to time. And the truth is that these jewelry pieces are quite easy to clean when you follow some basic guidelines; some of which shall be discussed henceforth.

Using Antacid Tablets

Antacid tablets, through the fizzing action it effects when in water, can be of great value in cleaning your jewelry. Just drop two (2) antacid tablets into a cup of warm water, and let the jewelry in allowing it to remain in the solution for about 2 minutes. Thereafter, you can rinse the jewelry.

Cleaning With Soap and Water

All you need to do in order to clean a jewelry made from a material like pearl is to dip it (the jewelry) into a solution of warm water and mild detergent. After this, you can dry the jewelry with a soft dry cloth, and then lay it out to dry.

Use Ammonia to clean Diamond

What makes a diamond ticks is its sparkling effect but that wouldn’t be sustained for a long period of time if you do not ensure that it is properly cared for. To sustain the luster, just soak the jewelry in a solution of ammonia and warm water [mixed in the ratio 1:4] and allow it to stay in the solution for a quarter of an hour. Thereafter, you can use a soft brush to get rid of any dirt ingrained on its surface.    


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